Rick Smith
Democrat for Ohio State
Representative District 54
SW Warren Co. & Midletown (part) 

Make a Contribution to Help Me Get My Message Out

I am not soliciting contributions for my campaign this year.  However, there are governmental and administrative expenses involved in running even a low-key campaign.  If you would like to make a small contribution to help defray these costs, I would very much appreciate it.  And remember, you can take a credit (a real credit, not just a deduction) off your Ohio State taxes for contributions up to a total of $50 that you make to State Legislative and Statewide candidates...so small contributions are effectively free for you!

The online system takes Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  American Express is coming soon.

If you are old-school, you can make a check out to Mr. Smith Goes To Columbus Committee and mail it to:

6571 Harnesswood Court
Mason, Ohio  45040

Individuals (citizens and permanent residents), Partnerships and PACs only. 
No Corporate Checks. 
Do not mail cash.
Donations over $100 must include occupation/employer information.